Akademia Music Award winner for Best Instrumental / Jazz Album for ‘Just Another Day’ in the February 2016 Akademia Music Awards!

'A rich collection of uptempo jazz jams, 'Just Another Day' is astonishingly dynamic to abet its dazzling instrumental ingenuities - and the detours through balld and funk material demonstrate an impressive range of aesthetic.'

-The Akedemia



It's safe to bet that in any discussion of local music in the area of St. Louis, Missouri it would be almost impossible not to mention the bass work of John King. A native of East St. Louis, Illinois John's playing has grown and matured to make him a standout amongst his peers. With an uncanny ability to perform and emulate different styles of music he also plays with a gift of rich musical interpretation. King brings to the music creativity, soul, spirit, and skill.

John can be found around town on occasion performing with Rocky Mantia, Jim Stevens Grp, Tim Cunningham, and Anita Jackson. He currently performs with Denise Thimes, dance band Boom and his instrumental group Good 4 The Soul.